My Emotional Freedom | A Makeover from the Inside Out


Welcome. I am so glad you have found your way here, and I, in turn, have found you. It takes courage to decide to change, to ask yourself the sometimes hard questions, to venture outside the security you have found in staying in some settled version of ‘enough’ when deep inside you know it’s not enough, that there is more. You know this in the centre of your authentic self or else you wouldn’t be here.

Our website is evolving as its community is expanding and we are elated that you will be coming along with us as we, one and all, make room for joy, love, understanding and the mindful creation of an exceptional life experience, removing the barriers we have long been accumulating that have stunted our progress up until now. It has been designed to operate as both a D.I.Y resource or one-on-one with my personal attention.

Please know that transformation is a conscious daily process. It takes effort, it takes commitment, it takes ‘stick-to-it-ness’. The rewards can be outstanding, empowering, even mystical. If you choose to come along with me you must be prepared to do the work, you must show up, and you will be accountable. If you choose to go it alone I will do all I can in providing guidance, inspiration and resources to help you.

Too often we allow our emotions to rule us, and we bob up and down like a cork in water not quite knowing whether the next wave will take us up or bring us down. Worse than that is the fact that we ourselves are often the ones making the waves!

The mission then, is to navigate to calm waters. Just like a ship on the ocean however, we need to be ever mindful of the conditions around us, we need to know what to do when the gales hit, when the fog sets in, when we are lagging in the doldrums. We need to be brave, skilled and determined.

Most of all we need the vital component of buoyancy, to hold our ship up in good or bad weather, so that we won’t be dragged under by our own weight, so that even when the water seeps or floods into our soul, we can plug the leaks.

Your emotions affect every cell and system in your body. It is your responsibility and your privilege to choose good mental and emotional health. It is our intention and our privilege to help you.

We are all in this together. No man/woman will be left behind!





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